About Us

Brain Train is a family run Tuition Centre & Bookshop. The owner Louise O’Shea is a fully qualified and experienced teacher who graduated from Oxford. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in helping children to fulfill their potential. With almost 20 years of practice, Louise has seen over a thousand children pass through her centre and go on to success.

When a child first starts at Brain Train, they are assessed and given work suitable to their ability. Every child is given a programme of work to suit their individual needs; the right level in Maths and English workbooks and the appropriate level in the reading scheme or library. This is what makes Brain Train Tuition Centre special.

Louise said, “As a mum of three, I know that all parents want to give their children the best start in life possible. Parents search for the best tuition, activities and clubs for their children, making sacrifices to provide the finest of everything available for their children. That is why we’re dedicated to providing the best tuition service possible at Brain Train, in both value for money and quality.”

Group tuition has proved itself to be beneficial for all students. The group is a safe, nurturing environment, ideal for pupils to gauge the level of competition, giving them an understanding of the standards expected, thus encouraging them to improve their skills. Students feel they are part of a team, and not isolated which can happen with one to one tuition.