11+ Year 4 Foundation

Starts in September 2022
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Why Brain Train?

Louise is a real teacher with extensive knowledge and experience of 11+ entrance requirements for independent and grammar schools. Other tuition centres use tutors, consultants, supervisors, and teachers of other subjects. These are all people who are not teachers trained to teach this age group. At Brain Train your child’s 11+ course will always be run by Louise, who is a specialist, fully qualified Key Stage 2 trained teacher. Louise graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 1995 gaining a Bachelor of Education with English. She now has 20 years of experience getting children to realise their potential and pass the 11+ examinations.

  • Original questions created by Brain Train after many years of experience in 11+ testing – you won’t find them in any other published papers.
  • Complete weekly homework programme for Maths and English courses. Homework guidance for Reasoning.
  • Catch-up classes available to all 11+ pupils.
  • No hidden costs – teaching, marking and all required materials are included in the original price.
  • Simple pricing structure, easy to understand.
  • Six-weekly fee payments spread over the course duration to make it manageable for all.
  • Children can join the groups at any time – providing there are spaces.
  • Brain Train Library available to all pupils whenever we are open.
  • Group tuition for 11+ applicants has proved itself to be beneficial for all students.
  • The group is a safe, nurturing environment, ideal for pupils to gauge the level of competition, giving them an understanding of the standards expected, thus encouraging them to improve their skills.
  • Children feel they are part of a team, and not isolated which happens with one to one tuition.
  • All work is marked and scores are displayed on a notice board, which encourages friendly competition.
  • This is not possible to achieve when children have individual tuition.

11+ Foundation Course

Maths, English & Reasoning for Year 4 children

  • The 11+ Foundation course covers Year 5 work nine months before children cover it in school.
  • It is expected that children who join the 11+ Foundation class will continue to attend until the last lesson in Summer 2018.

Course content

  • Maths topics include all important subject areas for year 4 and year 5 including money calculations and real life problems.
  • English work topics selected to promote improvement in creative writing and comprehension including technical language knowledge and the development of different writing skills.
  • The principles of Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning with questions selected to introduce pupils to the subject.

Pupil Experience
1.25 hours taught weekly classes in Maths, English and the principles of Reasoning relevant to 11+ tests.
Exam style marking systems for maximum feedback.
Interactive, competitive groups with exam success tips every lesson.
Complete coverage of all main question types.
Full class explanations of successful problem solving.
Well motivated pupil groups with competitive scoring in each group.
3 homework assignments each week (approximately one hour each assignment).
All homework is set, marked and scored by Brain Train using an exam style marking system.