11+ Crash Courses

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Week 1


Monday 20th August – Friday 24th August


Week 2


Monday 27th August – Friday 31st August (everyday 9.30am – 3.30pm) 


From under £7 p/h!

The exams for QE Boys, Watford Grammar, The Slough Consortium, Henrietta Barnett and most other grammar schools take place in September 2018.

The Content

As the Grammar school 11+ examinations take place in September, we are pleased to announce the introduction of our new intensive 11+ courses. . We will be running four separate parts of the course in English, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning, each part runs every weekday for two weeks. At Brain Train your child’s 11+ courses will always be run by Louise, who is a fully qualified Key Stage 2 trained teacher with years of experience at getting children, like yours, into independent and grammar schools.

Maths and English

  • Daily taught classes in Maths and English relevant to 11+ tests.
  • Maths topics include all relevant subject areas for 11+ Entrance Tests – improving understanding and technical ability.
  • Full class explanations of successful problem solving.
  • English work topics selected to promote improvement in creative writing and comprehension through varied exercises and question sets.
  • Written practice during lessons.
  • Exam style marking systems for maximum feedback

The VR and NVR lessons consists of:

  • Taught lessons on principles of VR or NVR.
  • 100’s of original Reasoning questions taught, tested and scored in class.
  • Classroom-based mock Reasoning tests.
  • Complete coverage of all main question types.
  • Interactive groups with competition.
  • Test exercises in class.
  • Well motivated pupil groups with competitive scoring in each group.
  • Teacher guidance on exam techniques.

NEW CEM (the Durham University) question types:

Original questions created by Brain Train after many years of experience in 11+ testing – you won’t find them in any other published papers or with any other tutor. No hidden costs – teaching, marking and all required materials are included in the original price.