11+ Crash Courses

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10 day course

Thursday 22nd August – Monday 2nd September

(9.30am – 3.30pm)

From £7.50 per hour!

The crash course includes 2 Mock tests!

The exams for QE Boys, Watford Grammar, The Slough Consortium, Henrietta Barnett and most other grammar schools take place in September 2024.

The Content

As the Grammar school 11+ examinations take place in September, we are pleased to announce the introduction of our new intensive 11+ courses. . We will be running four separate parts of the course in English, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning, each part runs every weekday for two weeks. At Brain Train your child’s 11+ courses will always be run by Louise, who is a fully qualified Key Stage 2 trained teacher with years of experience at getting children, like yours, into independent and grammar schools.

Maths and English

  • Daily taught classes in Maths and English relevant to 11+ tests.
  • Maths topics include all relevant subject areas for 11+ Entrance Tests – improving understanding and technical ability.
  • Full class explanations of successful problem solving.
  • English work topics selected to promote improvement in creative writing and comprehension through varied exercises and question sets.
  • Written practice during lessons.
  • Exam style marking systems for maximum feedback

The VR and NVR lessons consists of:

  • Taught lessons on principles of VR or NVR.
  • 100’s of original Reasoning questions taught, tested and scored in class.
  • Classroom-based mock Reasoning tests.
  • Complete coverage of all main question types.
  • Interactive groups with competition.
  • Test exercises in class.
  • Well motivated pupil groups with competitive scoring in each group.
  • Teacher guidance on exam techniques.

CEM and GL question types:

Original questions created by Brain Train after many years of experience in 11+ testing – you won’t find them in any other published papers or with any other tutor. No hidden costs – teaching, marking and all required materials are included in the original price.