Secondary School Mathematics

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Why Brain Train?

We use experienced tutors with extensive knowledge and experience of GCSE Mathematics. At Brain Train your child’s course will always be run by Colin, who in partnership with Louise, is committed to getting the best possible result for your child in the all important GCSE’s.

Weekly Homework Programme

No hidden costs – teaching, marking and all required materials are included in the original price.
Simple pricing structure, easy to understand, with a 6-week fee, payments are spread over the course duration to make it manageable for all families.
Students can join the groups at any time – providing there are spaces.
Brain Train resource centre is also available to all pupils with a 10% discount.

Group tuition for Maths and GSCE applicants has proved itself to be beneficial for all students. The group is a safe, nurturing environment, ideal for pupils to gauge the level of competition, giving them an understanding of the standards expected, thus encouraging them to improve their skills. Students feel they are part of a team, and not isolated which happens with one to one tuition.

Our courses provide everything that you and your child will need when preparing for their GSCE Maths exam.

Course Content

Maths topics include all relevant subject areas for Years 7-11 – improving understanding and technical ability:

Numbers. Rational Numbers. Working with Factors. Working with Fractions. Working with Indices. Interest/Depreciation. Proportion. Calculating Quantities. Ratios. Using Calculators. Working with Surds. Estimation. Complex Calculations. Speed and Distance. Time, Conversion. Travel Graphs. Algebra. Quadratics. Equations. Working with Formulas. Understanding Inequalities. Sequences. Trial and Improvement. Cartesian Points. Line Theory. Intersection. Graphing. Functions and Loci. Proportion and Inverse Proportion. Statistics. Data Collection. Hypothesis Testing. Questions Types. Data and Sampling. Manipulation of Data. Median and Mean. Interquartile Range. Range and Quartile. Mode/Model Class. Graphs and Charts. Statistical Diagrams. Probability. Geometry. Angles. Polygons. Symmetry. Reflection and. Rotation. Pythagoras Theorem. Trigonometry. Transformations. Trigonometry and Circles. Bearings and Scale. Mensuration. Solids and Symmetry. Vectors.

Course Details

  • 1 hour taught lessons on principles of Mathematics.
  • Interactive groups with competition.
  • Written practice during lessons.
  • Teacher guidance on practice and homework schedule at home.
  • Full class explanations of successful problem solving.
  • Well motivated pupil groups with competitive scoring in each group.
  • All homework is set, marked and scored by Brain Train’s experience staff.