11+ Mock Exams 2021

English, Mathematics and Reasoning.


Mock Test 1       Saturday 4th June (3pm–6pm)

Evaluation 1     Saturday 11th June (3pm–5pm)


CEM (Durham University) Style Exam

Mock Test 2       Sturday 11th July (3pm–6pm)

Evaluation 2   Saturday 18th July (3pm–5pm)


Mock Test 3       Tuesday 17th August (12.30pm–3.30pm)

Evaluation 3     Saturday 21st August (12.30pm–2.30pm)


CEM (Durham University) Style Exam

Mock Test 4      Tuesday 24th August (12.30pm–3.30pm)

Evaluation 4    Saturday 28th August (12.30pm–2.30pm)

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The Content

  • Real testing carried out under exam conditions.
  • English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning.
  • Mock test papers based on past papers from local schools and student feedback over the recent years.
  • Exam style marking.
  • Competitive setting with full group result sheets (individual children are not named).
  • Marked and scored papers returned to pupils.
  • Positive competition from peer group.
  • Reduces children’s anxiety before the school entrance tests.
  • Feedback and test analysis from qualified and experienced teacher, Louise.
  • All pupils attend two sessions; one to complete tests, the other to go through them.
  • Unique Brain Train Features
  • Every test is different so pupils may participate in more than one without repeating work.
  • We do the papers and then we go through each question with your child.
  • Our papers are modelled on the hundreds of papers that our teachers have seen from many schools.
  • We generate original papers which are guaranteed to give your child an experience that prepares them better for the 11+.