11+ Mock Exams

English, Mathematics and Reasoning for 2017

Mock Test 1       Saturday 3rd June (3pm–6pm)

Evaluation 1     Saturday 10th June (3pm–6pm)


Mock Test 2       Saturday 24th June (3pm–6pm)

Evaluation 2     Saturday 1st July (3pm–6pm)


CEM (Durham University) Style Exam

Mock Test 3       Saturday 8th July (3pm–6pm)

Evaluation 3     Saturday 15th July (3pm–6pm)


Mock Test 4       Monday 21st August (12.30pm–3.30pm)

Evaluation 4     Friday 25th August (12.30pm–3.30pm)


CEM (Durham University) Style Exam

Mock Test 5      Tuesday 29th August (12.30pm–3.30pm)

Evaluation 5    Saturday 2nd September (12.30pm–3.30pm)

From under £7 p/h!


A fantastic opportunity for your child to experience sitting the all important 11+ tests, in exam conditions.

As most of the Grammar school 11+ examinations take place in September, we are pleased to announce the details of our 11+ Mock Tests.

The Content

Real testing carried out under exam condition.

English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning.

Mock test papers based on past papers from local schools.

Exam style marking.

Competitive setting with full group result sheets (individual children are not named).

Marked and scored papers returned to pupils.

Positive competition from peer group.

Reduces children’s anxiety before the school entrance tests.

Feedback and test analysis from qualified and experienced teacher, Louise.

All pupils attend two sessions; one to complete tests, the other to go through them.

Unique Brain Train Features

-Every test is different so pupils may participate in more than one without repeating work.

-We do the papers and then we go through each question with your child.

-Our papers are modelled on the hundreds of papers that our teachers have seen from many schools.

-We generate original papers which are guaranteed to give your child an experience that prepares them better for the 11+.

Each mock test only £45 (for six hours!)

Special offer –

Book all five Mock Tests for £200,

a saving of £25.